Thursday, July 10, 2008

Due to the fact that I only got the internet into my house recently and a computer, I wasn't able to write any comments on any of the blogs and pages. This is in answer to the questions I read the other night about why I wasn't answering for the last 2 years. I will be able to answer all questions to all people now that I'm up and running.

Firstly, of course I know where my daughter Annie's grave is, I visit it every Sunday and of course she has a head stone as does my second daughter Daisy May. They are both buried in the same graveyard in Dublin.

Secondly, whose book were you reading because I never spent fourteen years in the Magdalen Launderies. I stated in my book that I spent 2 years in High Park Magdalen Laundery, one year in Sean Mc Dermot Street, two years in the childrens mental institution St Lomans Hospital, three years in Sherard House. So I don't know where people are getting the idea that I spent fourteen years in a Magdalen Laundery.

Thirdly, the following question was asked about my brother Brian. "Why,

when his name is mentioned in the book that he didn't stand by you?"

The answer is I don't really know why, except to say that I believe that he was

put under alot of pressure from my family. They didn't have a problem with

my book until they wanted me out of my house and they brought me to court.

Then the pressure started. In Herman Kellys book I was shocked to read

that Brian said he knew nothing about what was going on, my book and the stories in the papers. I found that very strange because when my eldest brother

admitted to sexually abusing and raping me, Brian was the person who witnessed and signed the out of court settlement that my brother agreed to.

My book didn't go to print until Brian read it and approved it.

Fourthly: Of course I gave evidence to the redress board and the last hing

I said to them was I didn't want any money, I just wanted to be heard.

The clergy are paying for my therapy for the last five years, do you think they

are doing that just because they like me? I don't think so.

Fifth: There was no police investigation as stated on hermann kellys website, into the "alleged" false allegations I was supposed to have made. I have been working with the police for the last four years, needless to say there have been good results and hopefully more to come.

My files, which are proof of everything I wrote, have always been available for scrutiny, and still are. When writing a book with such sensitive content we have to have proof, we can't just write whatever comes into our heads. This is one reason why herman kelly had to borrow the money to print his book as no publisher would take it on because he had no proof. If herman has "bundles and bundles" of proof about what he wrote then he should be a good Christian and hand it all over to the police!!!!!

I'd like to say a huge thanks to all the people from all over the world who have sent me best wishes and supported me on the blogs and internet. And for those who were nasty towards me remember The Lord will judge the judgers.

Much love and thanks,

from Kathy.

Monday, June 30, 2008


there will be an update next week on kathys family and kathys story .

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kathys Story Part 2

Kathy's story, part 2 will be published in September.
I do hope the public will be very happy to read the full and true story of the horrible lies that have been told in Herman Kellys book called"Kathys True Story"
It will be proved to the world that Herman Kelly is a man who can lie to make a quick few euro for himself on the back of innocent people.
It will be a book that will truely shock the world,especially people who have wronged "Kathys Story".
I always said the best wine was left until last and its on its way!

In the new year 2009, Kathy's mom's book will be published and will be called "A family divided and a mothers heart broken". Ann O Beirne had been writing her life story for three years before she passed away, leaving full consent and permission for her daughter Kathy to publish her life story.

Ann Byrne was born and reared in Clondalkin. She married her husband Oliver O Beirne and she had 10 children, 9 who are living, 6 boys & three girls. The book will tell the story of her struggle through life and her long fight with many health problems and her life with her husband and children.The pain and sadness she suffered over her daughter being put into a home at a young age and the torment of her not being able or allowed to take her grandaughter from a home in Dublin to live with her and her mother Kathy. Is it possible to come to terms with the loss of a childhood, the effects of sexual abuse by my two brothers are both devasting and debilatating even now.
The denial of a family and the pain and suffering this has caused me is undescribable. I will keep dancing to the tune of life and nothing will hold me back.